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There are a lot of bowling balls that people buy new, throw for a little bit and just dont like how it rolls or mayne they just want something eles to fill there void.  This happens a lot and when it does they bring them in the shop and leave them with us. These used balls that we have we sell on our Ebay store for very inexpensive. We have plenty of used balls for sale at both shops and our Ebay store BUT we also sell quite a few Rare/Hard to find New balls on our Ebay store as well. Click the Ebay symbol to view our Ebay store.

Used Balls


We have racks on racks of used balls at both locations, Bowlerama and Elk Lanes. Some older balls that have very little wear on them and some newer balls that some people just didnt want or didnt fit into their bowling bag. Either way we have a lot of great balls for a great price. Stop in and take a look for yourself!

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